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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

which diet pills work best

I am wondering which diet pills work best. I mean, there are lots of them in the market and they all say they are effective.There's one that promises fast burning of fats, while another promises no side effects. Another one is herbal and claims to be really effective and healthy too. Ah.. All of them seem to claim to be the best. But are they all really the best?

A student of mine told me that she took a certain diet pills for at least a month only and she has already seen results. The ones I tried are also effective, and I only took them for just two months and the result was really good. Unfortunately, there was no stock in the market for about a month or so so I stopped using when I ran out of stock. I want something that will always be available, and effective of course. But I am still looking for the best.. Do you know?

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