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Thursday, April 29, 2010

CDO Power Interruption Schedule: 04/29/2010 to 05/07/2010

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Actual Interruption Schedule: 04/29/2010
Time Start: rotational 5 hours (8:00am-1:00pm; 1:00pm-6:00pm; 6:00pm-11:00pm

26 April 2010

NOTICE to All CEPALCO Customers
Subject: DAILY Brownout Schedules for April 29 to May 7, 2010

Please find below the load shedding schedule [5 Hours DAILY rotating brownouts] within the CEPALCO service area for the period April 29 to May 7, 2010 due to the continuing power supply curtailments imposed by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines [NGCP] all over Mindanao. Again, CEPALCO would like to caution customers that the actual switch off and switch on time may vary from the announced schedule depending on the actual load curtailment levels imposed by NGCP on CEPALCO on a day to day basis.

Time of Brownout

Dates: April 29, May 2 & 5
8:00am to 1:00pm - Group B
1:00pm to 6:00pm - Group C
6:00pm to 11:00pm - Group A

Dates: April 30, May 3 & 6
8:00am to 1:00pm - Group C
1:00pm to 6:00pm - Group A
6:00pm to 11:00pm - Group B

Dates: May 1, 4 & 7
8:00am to 1:00pm - Group A
1:00pm to 6:00pm - Group B
6:00pm to 11:00pm - Group C

GROUP A Areas [Charlie 1 & Charlie 4]:
1. Greater portion of the City Poblacion along and bounded by Hayes St., Mortola St., JR Borja St. including S.Daumar St. up to corner JR. Borja St., Aguinaldo St. up to corner Justo Ramonal St.,
2. Along Pabayo St.; including portions of C. Pacana St., JR Borja St., Gomez St., C.Taal St., T.Neri St., Abejuela St., Hayes St. and Gaerlan St. from Pabayo St..
3. Hayes St. from corner A.Velez St. towards City Hall area & Burgos St., along T.Chavez St. from Burgos St. up to Tiano Bros. St. - including portions of Tiano Bros. St., Rizal St., Capistrano St. from Hayes St.; and; Dolores St..
4. Along Burgos St. from T.Chavez St. up to corner Gomez St. including portions of Abejuela St., T.Neri St., Cruz Taal St. and Gomez St. from Burgos St..
5. Surroundings along Mabini St. from corner A.Velez St. towards Capistrano St. up to corner Gomez St. including portions of Tiano Bros. St. from Mabini St.; Yacapin St. from Capistrano St. towards Burgos St.; and; C.Pacana St., JR Borja St. and Gomez St. from Capistrano St.
6. Along Pabayo and T. Saco Streets from Dolores towards Clementino Chaves St. up to 15th-26th St., Nazareth.
7. Greater portion of Macasandig, all of Tibasak, all the way to Taguanao.
1. Portions of Camaman-an near and including towards Manto to the San Jose and St. Vianney Seminaries, greater portion of Camaman-an proper towards Bontong, Bolonsori up to Upper Camaman-an and Hayes Subdivision including Tipolohon.
2. Part of Limketkai Center, Lapasan including Mc Donalds, PNB and Allied Bank.
3. Along Recto Ave. from corner Agora Road towards Maharlika Bridge including Coca-Cola Plant & Osmeña Ext.. up to Gaabucayan St.
4. Portion of A.Luna St. towards all of Mabulay Subdivision including portion of the Provincial Capitol and Provincial Hospital Area.
5. Medical Center area along and bounded by Capistrano St., Echem St. up to corner Akut St., A.Velez St., and Recto Ave.(UCCP side), including all of Consolacion.
6. Corrales Ext. from Gaabucayan St. towards most of PPA area.
7. J.Pacana St. from Recto Avenue towards all of Macabalan area.
8. All of RER Subdivision Phases I & 2 including Dolores compound; towards Fortune Express Shop along Maharlika Highway; including all of NHA-KSS Subdivision and portion of Bayabas near Manila Broadcasting Radio Station to Capisnon area.
9. Greater part of Bulua from Bulua Rotonda towards all of Iponan.
10. Greater part of Patag including Calamansi Drive, Apovel subdivision, Terry Hills subdivision and Anhawon, Bulua area.

GROUP B Areas [Carmen 3, Tango 1 & Pueblo 2]:
1. Portions of Carmen: along vicinities of Villarin St. towards portion of Canitoan-Pagatpat Road; including St. Mary's Academy (formerly Cathedral School of Technology), Golden Village, City Hospital-DOH Area, COWD reservoir and Seriña St. from Villarin St. down to Madonna and Child Hospital.
2. M.Suniel St. from Villarin St. down towards portion of Mabolo St.; including Matilde Neri St., Dabatian St. and Cagayan de Oro College area; and; portion of Lirio St. area.
3. Portions of Upper Carmen towards Dagong including SM CITY; PRYCE HOTEL; SPUM & SEARSOLIN.
1. Portions of Natumulan down to Casinglot, Tagoloan.
2. All the Barangays of Bugo, Puerto, Tin-ao, Agusan, Tablon, Baloy, Cugman, Gusa, and greater portion of Lapasan.
3. Portions of Lapasan-Camaman-an road from Recto Ave. towards Limketkai Commercial Center including Grand Caprice Restaurant.
4. All of Osmeña St. and portion of Cogon Market Area (JR Borja side and Yacapin side) including Roxas St. towards portion of JR Borja St.
5. Upper Gusa, Indahag, Malasag, FS Catanico and Balubal.
6. Agora Market area including Gaabucayan St.
7. Corrales Ext. from corner Recto Ave. up to Gaabucayan St.
8. DMPI plantation, MENZI Agri, etc.
1. Portions of Upper Carmen, Upper Balulang and all of Brgy. Lumbia including; PNR Sawmill, Shop and transmitter; Pueblo de Oro, Camella Homes, Xavier Estates, Xavier Heights, Xavier High School, La Buena Vida, Frontiera and Montana subdivisions; CAA-BAT Lumbia Airport & Rio Verde.

GROUP C Areas [Charlie 2, Carmen 1, Carmen 2, Tango 2]:
1. Portions of T.Chavez St. from Corrales Ave. up to Tiano Bros. St. including portions of A.Velez St from Hayes St..
2. Along Hayes St. from Camaman-an towards V.Roa St. up to corner J.Ramonal Ext., including Pinikitan, Adela, Balangiao area, Quirino St. and Yacapin Ext.; portions of Macasandig, XU Grade School areas.
3. Along J.Ramonal Ext. from Sto. Niño, Cogon towards V.Roa St., R.Chavez St. up to Corrales Ave. corner A.Luna St.; D. Velez St & Yacapin St., JR Borja Sts between V. Roa St. and Mortola St.(PNB/Everbest) towards Daumar Sts. To Yacapin Ext. up to Doña Nieves St.
4. Along Corrales Ave. towards FICCO, Nazareth, including Yacapin Street Towards Capistrano St.,
5. Greater portion of Nazareth; greater portion of Ramonal Village. From Hayes-12th Sts up to T.Saco-14th Sts. ,T.Saco-6th Sts.,14th-21st Sts., and 15th-21st Sts.
1. Greater portion of Carmen along Lirio St., from Trinity St., towards Oak St., Max Suniel St., Vamenta Blvd, up to cor. Jasmin St. including Waterlily St. and the Carmen market area.
2. Along Mabolo St. from Lirio St. towards corner Rosal St. including portion of Marigold St. .
3. Portions of Carmen: vicinities along Vamenta Blvd. from Fernandez St. towards greater part of Ilaya including Zayas St. up to Callos-Elloso St.: portions of Ipil St. and Mahogany St. from Fernandez St.; and; Seriña St. from COA towards Gumamela Ext.St., Guani Coliseum (former O.Roa’s) and Maharlika Police Station.
4. All of Macanhan, Carmen towards all of Lower Balulang.
1. Portions of Carmen along Yacal St. towards Lirio St., Vamenta Blvd., Waling-waling St. upto GSIS area including Ferrabrel St., Mango St. and portion of Rosal St. and Marigold St.
2. All of Kauswagan proper including Fairlane Village and portion of Capisnon, Bonbon and Bayabas.
3. Isla de Oro.
4. Along Montalban St. from near Tiano Bros. St. towards Burgos St., del Pilar St. and Magsaysay St. including portions of Macahambus St. and Abellanosa St. from Burgos St..
5. Portions of A.Luna St. from corner Corrales Ave.; towards vicinities along A.Velez St. upto corner Mabini St. including portion of Macahambus St. from A.Velez St. and Tiano Bros. St. from Macahambus St..
1. Portions of Natumulan, greater Tagoloan proper, all the Barangays of Baluarte, Pulot, Sugbongcogon, and Gracia, Tagoloan
2. All the Barangays of Sta. Cruz, Mohon, Sta. Ana, and Sto. Rosario, Tagoloan including Kimaya, Villanueva.
3. All of Villanueva and Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.

We hope all CEPALCO customers & the public in general will be guided by this announcement. Thank you.

Released by:

Marilyn A. Chavez
Senior Manager
Customer & Community Relations Dept.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank You to All Mothers..

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I sincerely thank my mom for everything.. For all the LOVE she gave me..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

BC Bloggers 3

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Calling all bloggers who want to gain friends in the blogosphere and build links at the same time – BC Bloggers 3 is now open. To join just visit Mommy Diary, read the requirements, and fill out the Application Form.

See You there!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DeFeet at Shopwiki

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Extreme Environmental Makeover

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That's right. N-Viro International Corporation has developed patented processes to treat, pasteurize, immobilize and convert waste water sludge and other bio-organic wastes into bio-mineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products. What's more, by licensing them to municipalities and private companies, many can take advantage of this great miracle with real market value. Talk about a cleaner, greener environment that can sustain the economy too. If you wanna know more, go to www.nviro.com and check out the video below:

That is good news right?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mud Flaps and Splash Guards at Shopwiki

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In extreme conditions on the road, Mud Flaps and Splash Guards protects your vehicle from mud and splashes. But do know that they can also serve your vehicle aesthetically? If you visit Shopwiki today, you will see that there are lots of designs and colors of Mud Flaps and Splash Guards to choose from.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sports Attire Ideas & Information at Shopwiki

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Extreme sports like skateboarding, motocross and cycling, need the right outfit or sports attire to match. If you plan to buy sportswear, why not visit SHOPWIKI first before splurging a hefty amount on them. It pays to know more about product details and perhaps find alternatives. There are so many name brands available, as well as other products in the shopping guide that could help you make the right decision before making a purchase. That would be a wise thing to do especially if you are spending within a budget. 

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Technorati Claim

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prayer of the Children

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It's Maundy Thursday! May we find peace as we contemplate this Lenten Season...


Can you hear the prayer of the children?
On bended knee, in the shadow of an unknown room
Empty eyes with no more tears to cry
Turning heavenward toward the light

Crying Jesus, help me
To see the morning light-of one more day
But if I should die before I wake,
I pray my soul to take

Can you feel the hearts of the children?
Aching for home, for something of their very own
Reaching hands, with nothing to hold on to,
But hope for a better day a better day

Crying Jesus, help me
To feel the love again in my own land
But if unknown roads lead away from home,
Give me loving arms, away from harm

Can you hear the voice of the children?
Softly pleading for silence in a shattered world?
Angry guns preach a gospel full of hate,
Blood of the innocent on their hands

Crying Jesus, help me
To feel the sun again upon my face,
For when darkness clears I know you're near,
Bringing peace again

Dali cujete sve djecje molitive?
(Croatian translation:
'Can you hear all the children's prayers?')
Can you hear the prayer of the children?.