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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Fiesta Balulang 2010

It's the Feast Day of the Holy Cross. Our Barangay fiesta. We had lots of food on the table and lots of visitors too. After eating, I am sure the ones who are body conscious would be looking for a top rated fat burner to take the flab away.. Well, who could resist the Lechon?
There's also Humba, Fried Chicken, Hamonada, Creole, Fruit Salad Tapioca, Lumpia Shanghai, and many others. Funny how people can joke about not dieting when food is served in abundance and at no cost.  And some added that they will start dieting again when Fiesta is over, lol..

If you ask me, it is difficult to go on a diet when there is so much food on your table. That is why, if you wanna go on a a diet, you must live like a pauper and eat only what you can see. Therefore, food is no longer abundant once you start the process of dieting, unless  you splurge on a specific diet like high protein or low carbo diets that work for you specifically.

Anyway, enough with the diet talks, Happy Fiesta Balulang.. 

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