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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not A Beetle for Dinner!

Would you eat this beetle? Kinda gross to imagine it, right? But Carmz said that they eat the beetle in their province. The beetle along with some fresh bamboo shoots. After attending the burial of her grandma, she came back and brought with her corn and bamboo shoots from their own harvest. 
She cleaned them and had them chopped finely before boiling.
After boiling them, they will already be ready to be used for cooking. In our house, we usually cook bamboo shoots with meat, beef, chicken or pork. Here at the orange house however, it was done differently as Carmz at that time did it her own way, using pork and pork fat. I was still grossed with the beetle story so I cooked pork lemon grass. And topped it on the finished recipe of Carmz.. 
For a complete set, see below:

Better, and oh so yummy!

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Vernz said...

sus. I love ubod.... especially in ginataan... the beetles inside actually are clean as they fed on the shoot... have not tried one but I remember my lolo in the boondocks before ate them... as in ginisa...

mine is posted at Table for Five

shutter happy jenn said...

I still would have to convince myself fully before I could eat something like that, but I think I would go for it to satisfy my curiosity.

My Yummy Sunday post is up HERE.