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Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Need Logo Designs?

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Would you like a design logo for your organization, company or school?Well, you can also enter a logo design contest and win big prizes.. Well, I learned about www.logomyway.com from Giselle, a good friend of mine. If you need Amazing Custom Designs, LogoMyWay is the company for you. It connects clients needing design work such as Custom logo designs, T-shirts designs, Business card designs and more to a thriving community of talented logo designers exploding with creativity. And to get the perfect design, you can start a logo design contest within minutes...

So anyway, if you are interested do visit their website.. As for VSK8SHOP logo, it was designed by the proprietor and a good friend of his back from college at XU... Neat, isn't it?

LSC Christmas Party 2009

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Let's Celebrate Christmas... Finale Number...

Gift giving and pictorials with Santa Claus...

All I want for Christmas dance Number...

Up on the House Top Dance Number...

Angel during the Tableau....

Lili's Christmas party was a success. The pictures above are proof of how it went, although, there are more pics for me to share. I am happy that our daughter has participated much in the program..

Monday, December 14, 2009

free press release for skate compe in December

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The organizers of the December Competition are busy looking for sponsors and at the same time, looking into free press release for the upcoming event. A free press release can help disseminate information and invite more and more participants to join.. Oh well, I hope they can make up their mind already. I gave them a few sites to check..

Free Article Submission Service

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Larry is busy looking for the best Free Article Submission Service online. It so happened that Larry loves writing articles of any topic thus, he wants to submit his work through an online Free Article Submission Service.That is totally cool! And skaters are said to be idiots??? Wrong!!!


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Skater Jojo was trying so hard to finish his assignment in English. Their class was tasked to write an essay about anything that they fancy. He asked his girlfriend to do it for him, but she told him that she is not in the mood to write so she went online to look for custom essays that he can use.. Oh well, technology also has its share of double standard. Either it becomes helpful for students to do more or it becomes the reason why some students don't do more for their academic requirements... As a teacher, this really bothers me.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


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It's quite funny how students always have LOVE as the topic for their personal essays. I mean, yes, LOVE is a very good topic but sometimes I find that it is so common and commercial that the younger generation do not quite understand what it is all about. They talk about their relationships but I am saddened by the fact that most of them take relationships in a very shallow manner... Whew.. I wish that will change...

Anyway, one skater has proven that LOVE is still worth the topic.. Right Mik?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

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A peculiar witch dashes into the outlook.