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Friday, July 29, 2011


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Jobs are difficult to come by for some people with a degree. And I believe, those who have taken studies for granted will have much difficulty in finding a stable job in the Philippines. Unless of course, he or she is willing to take risks and apply abroad for some job that will guarantee a better income and purchasing power.

Anyway, have you heard of an online job that caters to giving conference call demos? Well, a friend of mine talked about it recently, and I got really excited because somehow, it was such an easy thing to do to be earning dollars. Well, anything that is sure to give us income is a welcoming experience, won't you agree?

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 55K Trail Ultra Marathon: The Cagayan de Oro-Dahilayan Run

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All photos here are from Margie Auyong Velasquez's album at FB..

When I saw this photo at Margie's album, I thought the run happened within Dahilayan Bukidnon.. 
But when I saw the above photo, I was shocked.. OMG! That's Cagayan de Oro City Hall.. So I went further to look at her photos, and then I learned that it was actually a Cagayan de Oro-Dahilayan Run that started at 3 in the morning last Saturday, July 16, 2011.. and finished for almost ten hours, as what one participant commented in one of the photos.. I do not think I'll ever be able to finish that... so Kudos to all the participants and organizers alike.. 
Even if there is Lechon Baka at the finish line, I still may not be able to taste it for maybe, before I could reach halfway of the trail, I'd already have fainted, lol.. 
But for those who made it, I am sure it is not only a very good happy feeling, but generally an experience that is worth celebrating, just like what these tribal folks are doing..  
Dahilayan is a very nice place to finish a very long race.. Why? The place is cool, and relaxing.. So even if the participants were so tired, I am sure they had their share of heaven when they reached the finish line..

Again Congratulations to everyone who participated in this race..

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Facing Fears and the People Around Me..

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 I remember the time when we had our reunion and we went on a travel adventure east and west of the city..
From water rafting in the morning to zip-lining in the afternoon..
 My cousins and aunts were so cool about said adventures... All of us had fun in the end..
But my folks were fearful when I almost didn't make it.. Huh! Perhaps they thought that ekg machines will be brought to Dahilayan for me, lol.. But then, after a short notice, I came through, and although I was scared at first, I made it! I had fun at the thought that I conquered my fear through the longest zipline in Mindanao and Asia..

Like I always say, every time I am reminded of this, I almost quit the 840m zipline flight.. but in the end, I conquered it! Anyhow, I would rather choose a more advanced river rafting trip than do zip lining again---

Why? The people who are waiting for me to come through are more scared than I, and my dad may have a heart attack while waiting, lol.. 

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Airsoft Tournament

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Airsoft tournaments are held everywhere in Cagayan de Oro City and Mindanao, and the poster invitation above is just one of them.. For those who are not adept with air soft, it is a kind of tournament that uses special shooting skills using only Paintball Guns. Of course, there is nothing dangerous in this as a paintball gun is a proven harmless toy that even kids can play with.. It is just that air-soft competitions that adults join into are really relaxing and fun, at the same time, provides the body with utmost exercise, with all the running and almost real battle scenarios where casualties are liabilities to each teams, just like in real battles.. 

Here in Cagayan de Oro City, the group that is known are the Cagayan assault Group... and they wear this really nice uniform set complete with air soft gear with the following logos.. 
Told you it is so much like the real stuff.. Below are some of the photos of members of the Cagayan Assault Group in action.. 

Much like the real battle right? I am sure these big boys just love to play the battle games that this hobby makes them more than interested in ordinary gaming, but joining competitions makes it even more challenging.. I guess that is the reason why there are out of town competitions just like the one on the image poster.. Although costs are included, still, with the exercise they are getting, plus the camaraderie they find, costs are nothing compared with what they get in return.. I read in their forum that there are even more interested persons, male and female alike who wish to join the group for the fun, excitement and exercise included.. 

So anyway, if you are interested, the details of the tournament are:

OPERATION: KASAMAHAN 6 ( one Day Event )
7:00am - 5pm
Ormoc City

450fps Limit
Registration Fee For Team Php : 5,250.00 (15 man to play)
Additional Player Registration :Php350.00

Payment Details
* Free tshirt w print
* Pack meals
* Certificate

Registration Deposit to :
LBP- SA 0957024521
Real St. Branch
Ormoc City
email : bhoy_cabs@yahoo.com

I think that's it.. If you wish to be a member of the Cagayan Assault Team, then go ahead and approach any of the members.. Better yet, visit their forum at http://cagayanassault.proboards.com

Hope this information is most useful for you.. enjoy the day.. 

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eye Run

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People in Cagayan de Oro are into running, and fun run activities are most often on a monthly basis already.. 

Well, I am sure this will be a hit.. Hope you join. It's for a good cause...

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Once Upon A Yearbook..

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Just last week, we visited a friend who we have not seen for quite a while.. I felt awkward because when we arrived we were welcomed by his family, as if they know us quite well. Then when snacks were served, I recognized a green book that resembled our high school yearbook among the table top display, along with the coffee table books.. And I asked myself, whether it was intended for us to see the yearbook so we could reminisce to a time that's passed.. ahh.. I didn't bother ask. The husband and the kids were the ones who offered the yearbook and showed us the pages our friend had been showing them.. pictures and memories--- those were the days.. 

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Zumba Fitness Basic Steps Demo

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I watched this Zumba Fitness Basic Steps Demo on you tube, and it made me wonder if the persons in it are taking diet pills to complete their goal..

It seems fun.. I remember last month I got an invite for a Zumba event, but that was held in Luzon, so how can I go?  That's when I searched about what it was about--- I got curious! Well, I might as well try to do it if I can-- sounds challenging! I feel it is a very good effective way to burn the unwanted energies.. 

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New Sunglasses Please..

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God knows how much I want a new pair of sunglasses as the one I am wearing now is not quite comfortable. It's not one of those replica sunglasses that you can buy online or offline, which will cost you so much, nor is it the expensive branded sunglasses that everyone want to own. It's just a pair of sunglasses that I feel, is too tight for my face.. Who would be comfortable in that? So, technically, I only wear them when there is too much sun. But as long as the heat is bearable, I would rather not wear them.. Defeats the purpose, right? 

Anyway, I am also looking for those sunglasses where I could look good in them.. Currently, I have not found one to my liking.. whew.. I guess it's because there are less choices here.. 

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