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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Keeping Fit

My father, when advised to lose weight and tone up muscles, bought a complete home exercise system complete with a cardio-exerciser, a pull up bar with all the rings and some other equipment to complete a home gym. He gave away the stepper, gave them to me for my use. But still, he is left with so many at home. It has lacked space and the proper area to place them, I am afraid they'd get all dusted up and may perhaps rust if not used at all. See, because of this lack of space, my father is using just a few of them. He could barely move the rest. The barbells and dumbbells also occupy the space that is too cramped and narrow because of all the other things in the area.  

Keeping fit is important. So if you plan to splurge on exercise equipment, make sure that your space is also welcome with the idea.. Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of buying them as they may not be used at all.. 

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