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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The New House

I mentioned that I am moving into a new house, right? Well, I found one that is just a house away from my dad's.. and it is not as big as the Orange house. The sink is okay despite not being one of the Elkay sinks and the faucets are just ordinary, not like any other faucets.The garage is not as wide either.. It is in fact just right for our white ford pick up to fit in, and the living space is not at all huge as the orange house. But, to be practical about it, it's just enough for all my things to fit in, just right to simply house my belongings while I am away. 

The good part is that, there are two rooms and there is also a garden.. Oh well, if only my things woudl fit in my father's house, I wouldn't be renting another space just to keep all of them..

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