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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keeping an Active Lifestyle

I have read from another blogger's blog that it is now easy to lose weight with phentermine without a prescription. Hmm. I still find exercising to be the best way to lose weight. I may not be exercising religiously but I do swim and enjoy walking or trailing  once in a while.
Just recently, we spent hours swimming and playing on the pool. It was fun and yes, tiring. But swimming is one way to lose weight without straining your muscles as you enjoy the water. The best thing about swimming is that, you can either do it alone or with your kids. And when you swim with kids, your effort gets doubled so does the burning of energy.. (a.k.a. fats, lol.. )
We had fun when we had our recent swimming activity..especially my siblings and daughter. That is what's important.. 

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