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Friday, March 8, 2013


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Yes, wine is good! I can not believe that I would be saying this after emphasizing to my students that wine and all alcoholic beverages can be bad for them. Hahaha.. Now I have to emphasize that everything should be taken in moderation. I am not saying this because I want alcoholics to plunder the planet and rid people of peace. I am saying this because somehow, wine can help a lot, especially after eating a heavy all-meat meal. I swear, I have been helped by wine-- red or white, both did wonders for digestion.. 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Guitar Man

0 leaps and a turtle dive
Subscribe to CDO EXTREME by Email We went to the beach sometime ago, and I was really amazed at what this guitar man used as he rendered a couple of numbers for us.. Hey, it's not one of the guitars that's from Gibson Les Paul Studio, but I must admit, I couldn't help but notice the ingenuity there is as the riffle is actually a guitar.. 

Well this dude is a one man band, and he proudly said that his instrument is made by him, especially for him.. In fairness, he is a good guitar player... 

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