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Saturday, November 28, 2009


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Lately, the news are filled with issues on the removal of the price ceiling that greatly affects lives of all Filipinos. Some are even contemplating yet of getting more investments to improve finances, and now, they are bombarded with new problems to face...

Oh well, that is how colorful life is. We can never be wherever we want to be if we do not go through life's obstacles... Money makes life happen but many things happen when we live day by day living life with or without money...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Skateboards & Nationalism

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If you want your board to bear nationalistic themes and designs, I found these babies at www.zazzle.com. You may also ask assistance and order them through VSK8SHOP at SM Cagayan de Oro if you have a difficulty purchasing them online... I am sure they will be glad to assist you...


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Here is a relative information about skateboarding. It's a video seen at Inquirer sports. It's Freddy Gonzalez, president of Five-O Skate Shop who is sharing the information.

He advises that beginners should not spend so much at first so they don’t regret as much in the end. Further, it is recommended that beginners buy a complete set if he wants to start skating, and as he gets better, upgrade into better products. The rationale is that if he finds out that it’s not the right sport for him, at least he didn’t spend that much. The cheapest yet complete skateboard set costs between P3,000 to P4,000 but the average price range is around P5,000.

Gonzalez shares a few pointers in choosing the right board.

"Know what size fits you. For those with smaller foot size, choose a smaller board that measures about 7.5 inches."

According to him, a narrow board is a good choice if the one is more into mastering flips and technical tricks. For riding rails and ramps, a wider board is more ideal.

"Check whether the board is concave enough. It is easier to flip if the board is concave enough."

"Check whether the “pop” of the board is stiff enough. A good pop would depend if the board is stiff enough. The stiffer a board is, the better it is to do ollies and flips. To check, try giving the tail end of the board a good downward kick."

According to Gonzalez, board manufacturers commonly used Canadian maple in crafting the board because of its stiffness and flexibility. But others tried using bamboo for the board because it is easier to source.

“The professionals don’t have a say on the art. Currently, companies released designs by series,” said Gonzalez.

Professional skaters, meanwhile, may opt for a board made from carbon-composite materials, which can withstand a lot of abuse.

Professional skaters who would want their board assembled spend no less than P10,000, Gonzalez said.

(All information here are gathered from sports.inquirer.net Interview By Izah Morales)

productivity monitoring

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The shop is now manned again by Vsk8shop's original man, Andrew. These days, Daddy needs to do a lot of productivity monitoring as the shop hasn't been doing well. Must be the recession hitting it cold... But needless to say, it will not close, not yet! If it will close, no other shop operates in CDO so it will be a big loss for all skaters. So guys, I am urging you to please visit VSK8SHOP on site. We are located at the car park of SM Cagayan de Oro City... There are lots of skateboarding accessories and gift items to choose from...

See you there...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


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This has been a long day for Manny.. But, as expected, HE WON! Hurrah for us Filipinos... Mabuhay ka Manny! TKO at the 12th round. Fairly a good fight there... Congratulations also for Cotto, as he still remained on his feet despite the loss, unlike the previous opponents of PACMAN...

(Photo borrowed from everyjoe.com, more info at espn.com)


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Hey dudes, have you heard about the latest from MTV? It's MTV Emerge, the newest platform which is actually created for unsigned music talents in the Philippines. I know most of you are into music and bands as I have been a witness to the many different activities you have here in CDO. Well, at MTV Emerge, unsigned music talents can showcase their work and be given an opportunity to win a one-year recording contract with Jeepney Music, which was founded by Apl.de.Ap of The Black Eyed Peas. With MTV, Jeepney Music, and Department of Tourism collaboration, the aim is to find the hottest unsigned music talent from all genres of music (Indie, rock, hip-hop, R&B, metal, solo artists, DJs, etc). I bet you like that huh? I bet some of you would even want to join...
Anyway, all the participants should register and upload their profiles, photos and original music on the site of MTV Emerge , after that, their entries will go through a public voting process. You can actually vote as many times in the day with a 5 minute interval... A total of seven grand winners will be selected from the top entries on November 20 by a panel of judges and that also includes Apl.de.Ap. And all of them will win a one-year recording contract with Jeepney Music plus, mentorship under Apl.de.Ap. And of course, their contract will include artist management and promotion, digital distribution of 3 – 6 songs and a strategic marketing plan for the signed artists to break into both the Philippines and international markets.

I don't know who you guys wanna vote for, but please unite and vote. Do support CHARMI SANTOS. I like her song, "Tinkerbelle's Theme" ... Vote for her too. She's good...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Samsung TapandTake Photo Contest

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I saw this contest at Facebook and I joined. It's actually part of the promotions for Samsung TapandTake. So I joined. Just for exposure... And if my little angel wins, that will be a bonus...

TO VOTE: Add y0urself as fan of Samsung TapandTake on Facebook and like the photo you see above or by leaving a comment by clicking here.

Thanks so much my dear friends..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Real Property Management

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What is Real Property Management? To answer that question, I searched and found the site www.rpmmidwest.com which tackles just that. Well, it says that Real Property Management Midwest is a great place to have property managed. So from there, I have had teh notion that it is a company that handles real property management. It's almost literal in meaning actually, silly of me... lmao...

So anyway, the site simply explains it in lay man's terms and I learned also that Real Property Management Midwest has received "Franchise of the Year, Honorable Mention" award. So if the need for anyone among you my dear readers will arise, should you want the help of RPM Midwest, they are the fastest growing property management company in the country and will surely help owners rent their places quickly, collect the rent, inspect the properties 3 times per year to ensure that the tenants are taking care of the property. Plus, the cost of any eviction (if necessary) will be covered by them. So far they are the best, expecially in the Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio areas...

Manny Pacquiao TIME Cover

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The likes of Boxing greats Joe Louis, Max Schmeling, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Frazier, Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali were once the cover of TIME Magazine.

And now is Manny Pacquiao's turn..... This Filipino ring icon is the latest boxer to make it to the list of professional boxers to be featured in the cover of this well-respected magazine... And also Manny Pacquiao is the second non-heavyweight fighter to do so. He is also the second Filipino to grace Time’s cover after the late former President Corazon Aquino, who was named the magazine’s "Woman of the Year" in 1986.

In its latest Asia edition issue, Time pays tribute to PACMAN in a story titled “The Meaning of Manny,” which branded the Filipino spitfire as “the latest savior of boxing.” The story delves into Pacquiao’s stature as the Philippines’ favorite son, his humble beginnings, recent ring accomplishments, and many others. Previously, TIME also included PACMAN in its list of 100 most influential people in the world, with former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis providing a brief write-up on him.

I can't wait to watch his next fight, PACQUIAO vs COTTO... '

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Outlook duplicate remover

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Have you used an Outlook duplicate remover before? If you are, please send me feedback as I am actually doing a research about it now. I learned that Outlook duplicate remover works in the market of software in the field of search and removal of duplicate files, and they are less than a year younger. But they have already proven themselves to be good already. Among the basic advantages of the outlook duplicate finder is the search and removal of duplicate files, the search in such directories as a folder, a network disk, archive, i-Tunes, outlook delete duplicate and outlook find duplicates.

Talk about total clean and lots of space saved. Don't you think so?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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I was at PARASAT yesterday and while I was paying at the cashier's for my cable subscription, I was facing the poster of the Pacquiao versus Cotto Boxing Match that is encouraging people to pay P 800.00 added fee should you want to watch it on pay per view.

The fight is going to be at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, on November 14. So since not all of us can go there, you can have it at P 800.00 at payperview...

Here's a preview I saw at youtube...