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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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Can you possibly enumerate workplace distractions in your office? Because if you can, then you will be able to deal with distractions thereat. And when you do, work output and productivity will surely rise and work flow becomes automatically fast and effective. If distractions and interruptions are eliminated, or if they are non existing in the office, the workforce will have more time spent for the job.

Sharpened Thinking

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Do you know how to activate right brain thinking? That said part of the brain is for creative thinking. And if you know how to boost intelligence in creativity, it would surely benefit you all the way. Being creative is not limited to the arts and art appreciation, it entails a whole lot more. In fact, being creative can enhance whatever aspect of life that can somehow make a difference in the world..

Improve Focus

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Getting what we want in whatever endeavor entails a lot of concentration and focus. We must stay focused on goals to achieve them. Otherwise, we will end up in circles and actually not finish what we want to finish. If that is your dilemma, then obviously, you need to improve concentration and at the same time improve focus. It takes quite some practice and effort, but it sure will be worth it in the end..

Mommy Blessings

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Have you thought of the gifts you will give for mother's day? Most of us may opt mother's day flowers to give our dear mommies. But of course, there would be other options. You can actually choose any brand named fragrances or chocolates or even jewelries.The choices are endless.

Some can be as creative as making their own cards or baking their own treats to give. Of course, whatever gift is given, I am sure mommies will surely appreciate.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

USA Casinos

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Are you in search of USA casinos? I met a guy online who told me all about the online casinos he went to play at, where USA players from all American states are welcome, with No Restrictions!

Hmm.. His name is Richie. I tease him and call him Richie Rich.. I always tell him that playing casinos online may not be a good idea as they are not safe. I feel that if one plays on any casino sites online, they will just be wasting money, but Richie said it depends where one goes to play. He recommended a site, www.usplayerswelcome.net and he says that is where he frequently plays.

Hmm.. maybe I will try to visit the site later.. and see for myself. But, I am certain I will not be playing.. I will just see if I can recommend it to my casino playing friends..

Sunday, March 28, 2010


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This is Calamares from Peking House. I love its crispy outer layer and chewy and juicy meat.. For more of Yummy Sunday, visit Perfectly Blended..

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