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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wishes and More..

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I think I mentioned previously that Lili  wants to be an equestrian.. Yup! She says she wants to ride horses and wear the jacket and one of the riding helmets she saw on a website somewhere.. Well, guess what.. She has added another trade to her long list of wishes.. She says she wants to be a bus driver. Hahaha.. Why? Because she liked the bus we boarded on our way to Butuan City and back.. She says she liked the view while driving and she can go anywhere and take all of us and all her friends anywhere we want.. In fairness, the bus was indeed nice. It's not a tour bus but is was comfortable enough on those two trips.. Air conditioned and odor free. Plus, both drivers on those two trips were smiling and friendly.. For P 320 one way regular fare and P 265 for Lili, it was not bad at all..

Till next trip, yellow bus..

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