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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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Valentine's day is gone, and of course, graduation season is here. Lots of gifts to buy again, until all these frenzy is over. Next trip to the store would be to buy a gift for mother's day.. Shopping for special ocassions is indeed a cyclical event... Oh, and there are birthdays in between. What could be more exciting than that? Hahaha.. For women, it is easy to shop. But for men, it seems so difficult. shopping for men, as well as men shopping for gifts. Most times, even if the gift is from a man, a woman is needed to shop on their behalf. so true, as my brother and father would ask my mom for this task, all the time. As for us buying for men, well, it is actually a personal disaster for me, as I really find it difficult to shop for a man within a limited budget. If I want to buy something for a man, it should be priced along the likes and wishes of the recipient.. hmm.. Too much, I suppose, but sometimes worth all the hassle.. sometimes----

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