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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Online Education is In..

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The chances for OFWs returning to the Philippines, to get a job here in the Philippines is too narrow. That is why some of them, while working abroad, has also invested in some extra education, like Manong Freddie who happen to have enrolled and finished an online it degree while working in Bahrain. He said that he had utilized his free time into studying as he knows that he will eventually be able to use his degree for teh future. And I guess he could say that the future is here, because he may be relocated back here in the Philippines, but soon after, will be leaving for Singapore to work as an IT professional..

I am happy for him. A lot of people are also taking up other online degrees as it is very beneficial. Imagine, you get to save on gas, energy and fare as you need not commute anymore. You can continue education even while at home.. and teh best thing is that, online degrees like online it degree is in demand these days, everywhere in the globe...

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