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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Balanghay Trip..

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Lili and I arrived last night from our mini trip to Butuan City, where we had our version of the "Voyage of the Balangay", lol... Actually, I simply showed her the museum as well as the Balanghai Shrine in Libertad. When I mentioned museum, my Lili asked if there were paintings as what she often read about, but to her dismay when we were there, there were none. Well, I did not tell her that there were, but I emphasized that there may be changes from the last time I was there, which was when I was yet ten years old. Uhm.. NO! There was not any difference, except the touch screen kiosk at the lobby, and that's it.. But what caught my daughter's attention was the many earrings and bangles featured there. They may not be hip like that of Puerto Vallarta jewelry, but they sure stand out.. Amazing designs at that early point in history..

Of course, at the Balanghai Shrine, we saw only the first boat which dates back to 320 A.D.

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