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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Volunteer..

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We checked out the malls and found no sports shop to buy batting cages, pitching mounds or even pitching machines. Well, it is of course a known fact that the Philippines is not a baseball country. Although there are lots of schools who have baseball as part of their sport curriculum. Like, I was hit by a baseball ball when I was in college, all because I tried to shun away from it. ow ironic that it had to hit me as it tried to land on my forehead, lol.. 

Anyway, we are trying to help a friend by the said equipment as he wants to train the kids at the center, and since baseball is the only sport he knows, it is what he wants to teach them.. Well, we can't blame him, he was born, raised and grew up practically in baseball country.. Having him as one of the volunteers is quite a bonus. But then he said that if we can not find a store or shop to buy the equipment, he plans to hire his cousin to teach basketball to the kids. At his own expense... I dunno if I should laugh or cry.. But it is supposed to be him who should do the teaching as a volunteer-- not pay up someone to do it for him.. Hmm.. We'll see what will happen later on..

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