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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Beautiful #1

My first entry in this meme.. 

That's my parents walking ahead of me in Orchard, during their visit in Singapore..  I just thought this photo is nice, thus the share.. It's not the photo itself, but, I like the thought of couples in their prime age, still walking the way my parents do.. 

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cherry said...

there's really something about love in the twilight years...so comforting to know you're growing old with someone beside you=)

thanks for sharing=)


C5 said...

Ang chweet... :)


Mommy Trish said...

very beautiful indeed. tuwang-tuwa ako sa mga ganitong couples na khit oldies na, they're still very sweet while walking. sana ganto din kami ng asawa ko pag tanda namin.hehe.

thanks for joining and sharing this! :)