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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That Ride...

Subscribe to CDO EXTREME by Email I never expected this motorela to be so nice.. It is after all, different from the usual motorela you will find in our city. 

I was so impressed, I had to ask who the maker was and how much it cost the driver/owner to have this built. Above image shows the portion of the motorela where one can find the details of the maker.. 

It's actually worth the amount of P 75,000 for the body to be built. Plus the purchase of the motorcycle to run this thing, as well as the franchise, so roughly, the owner have spent more than a hundred thousand to almost two hundred thousand pesos. 

The driver said that in a year's time, he was able to enjoy the returns of his investment. Well, lookie... The motorela looks like a mini jeepney. It's spacious, and it's clean, and it's made from sturdy materials. Much better than all others. And the driver was courteous and friendly.. 

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