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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kill To Wear

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I am looking for the perfect mens leather briefcases brand that's not just the brand for quality but affordability as well. There are lots in the market and even made to order leather briefcases, but of course most are expensive. My friends and I were talking about an Anaconda movie where David Hasselhoff was one of the actors to kill the monsters, and he said he'd want to kill not only for the money but for the boots he can get from the dead snake's skin. Now if that's a hobby in real life, I am sure it will be the most expensive. In Singapore, I saw how beautiful briefcases that were made from crocodile hide. It was truly scary at first but I learned and I saw that the plant has their own Crocodiles for tourists to see, and at the back, they manufacture their own goods from the harvesting to tanning and then the sewing. When done, finished products are displayed at the boutique that's in front. Sustainable and really a good business. 

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