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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dragon Boat in Mindanao

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My cousin is part of the Dragon Boat team of their school in Butuan City. I actually got these pictures from her. 

It is quite impressive that Butuan City is taking this bold move as Butuan is after all known for the old boats known as Balanghai. Soon after, I am sure the rest of Mindanao will follow suit.  

The team have to undergo strenuous exercises as well as take time to train how to row in a coordinated fashion. 

Well, it's not just all work..

See them have fun too..

Look at their Dragon Boat. It is quite small compared to those who have been in the competitions for many years. 

But with the spirit of the Dragon, I am sure said small Dragon Boat will progress to become the huge one that competes in international waters...

GO GO GO Butuan City Dragon Boat Team..

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