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Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer Sports League and BSP Camping in Camiguin

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Last week, the Summer Sports League have opened here in Camiguin and since we are staying just a block away, we can here all the excitement at the Camiguin Gymnasium every evening. I think that is the reason why most of Camiguin's streets are quite silent, but that where the gymnasium is, is quite a festive site.. Also, we have seen tents hitched at the school grounds, and we learned that they are participants for the Boys Scouts of the Philippines Camping... Well, that is quite a busy summer for people here in the island.. Also, since PANAAD 2011 is near, people have also started clean up of their backyards and streets... By Holy Week, local and foreign tourists shall flock the island for a two or three day walk around the island or at walk way--- I wonder if we shall be joining the festive crowd..

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