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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Couple

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Such a sweet couple, holding each other was they came and went to visit the Virgin Mary in Simala, last Friday.. Well, at their age, they didn't have to be bothered by trivial matters or even finding the best remedy for skin or even finding the best progesterone cream. I guess it comes with age, when people start to find that solemn place and even seek God... The older, the more mature, the ones seeking a peaceful refuge...

Anyway, my sister and I found them really adorable to look at, so we took the photo.. It's such a pity, we were not able to get the close up... Of course, that was not what we went there for, so we headed towards the shrine.. I love the place.. I love the peace.. Could it be that I am getting old too? Well, with age comes wisdom, as the saying goes, so yeah.. I think I am... hehehe

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