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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enjoying Our Stay

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While staying here in Camiguin, I thought a car rental is necessary, but we have gone around hiring friendly tricycle drivers and their vehicles for three hundred or four hundred pesos only. To go around Camiguin, you can also hire a multicab for a thousand and two hundred pesos... But of course, in some cases, you can easily commute around for regular fare. Like, we went to Ardent Hot Spring and hired a motorela to take us to and fro for just P 300. But others will be charged P 400, depending on the place you are from..

We went their at around eight in the evening and were fetched at around ten thirty. Of course, we paid the driver after we were brought home.. By the way, when coming here, while at Benoni, a lot of drivers will swarm over you to ask you to hire them. If you know where you are going, you need not hire them instantly. But if you do not know where you should go, and you have not booked in any of the island's hotels, you can take a van, pay on a per head basis, or hire a multicab for a thousand and more... Jeepneys are also available, and ultimately are cheaper...

Of course, when you have reached your specific destination, like Mambajao or any other municipalities, every destination is just walking distance... sweet!

For inter island transfers, you can take a pump boat for four hundred pesos only, or hire a fisherman for less.. In case you know some friends who own them, you can go ahead and just buy fuel...

If you own your own ride, you will be spending some extra fare at the ferry, but you will have a grand time going around the island with your own ride, at any time of the day, or night... Oh, and if you are looking for a ride, you may visit www.comparecarrentals.com.. Hope that helps..

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