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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Empanadas and Fresh Lumpia from Balbagon

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Are you looking for a job? Well this woman is NOT. She was the vendor who sold Empanadas and Fresh Lumpia at the Balbagon Port. we chanced upon her when we went to Bohol last Thursday, on our way going to Cebu for our Simala pilgrimage. 
And you know what? She sells really delicious Empanadas and Fresh Lumpia with really tasty sauce in it..
See what I mean....
When she arrived, the foodies she sold were yet warm and so we ate them and even bought some more to take with us in our journey... When we arrived in Cebu, it was already eight in the evening, as we settled at our pension house... We had a Chicken and Pizza dinner at Da Vinci's and well, found out that we still had three Empanadas later that evening, so we ate them..and OMG! They were still crunchy, imagine that!

Anyway, this post is my entry for Food Trip Friday and Yummy Sunday.... For more of each meme, click on the badges below:

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Lalaine said...

yum!! I miss empanada..

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wenn said...

looks yummy!

Bogie said...

Empanada is my hubby's favorite. :)

Yummy Sunday

teJan said...

i love empanada:)
mine is up sis.. by the way..followed here too:) see you around!

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Cheerful said...

sounds delicious and we like empanada! oh, she got good smile, happy with what she's doing, i guess! have a great week! -PinayMum, Mommy's Life Around...