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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What To Expect From Now Till Christmas..

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The Kagay-an Fiesta is done and so I am expecting that events would soon run towards the celebration of the Halloween in our city. I am guessing more Fun Run and more  trade shows. And this will go on towards Christmas. Of course, there shall be birthdays and anniversaries in between. Perhaps some baby shower invitations, or wedding and many others where celebration is akin to life.

I am happy that some people are into fundraising efforts for the less privileged and gift giving activities are aplenty. It seems that everywhere you look, a group or two is planning some sort of a mid-year give away for our less fortunate brothers and sisters. I just hope there won't be any politics involved. 

Manang once said that Christmas is teh happiest time for them at the riverbanks, as there are many sponsors who will go knocking on their doors for gifts and money too. 

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