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Thursday, September 29, 2011

some other hobby?

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Who among you here have done some Online Betting? I guess that is now the trend in horse races. Most blogs on Horse Racing Tips that I have read, almost always talk about doing the bet online. The process is easier and more energy saving, plus winnings can be claimed automatically. 

Here in the Philippines though, I have not read of any horse race where the betting has been done online. Usually, people go to the venue, and have their bets there. Then of course, there's the handler who will take care of everything necessary during the event. 

In countries like Australia, United States and UK, I have read that they have that there. What's good too, is that, betting occurs anytime, and no need to go to the venue. I am sure if this will happen here, many gamblers will have their heads and shoulders into the game. Some may just want to try once or twice, but if they get the hang of it, I am sure they will also get addicted.

This is one kind of addiction that should not be. Why? Because it entails money. Some people who get hooked have done the worst by betting all that they have, money, property and soon their dignity. Some debts even arise because of said addiction. Worst, there is really no cure, but a change of lifestyle and habits. If coupled by drinking and womanizing, then it brings the family to the pits of hell. So I think, one must quit before she or he is ahead.

On the other hand, there are people who can readily leave the vice after winning once or twice, and yey for them. It takes a strong will power to resist temptations such as winning more. Yeah, one may win more for a time, but the consequences may just be worst imaginable.. 

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