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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beauty in the Sand Race

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It is said that Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey, that was the reason for her flawless beauty. Well, I read another article that said that Cleopatra used premier dead sea sands as beauty secret. She and her maids would bath there every so often.. Hmm.. I would not say that that is not believable, but since I read other articles talking about the minerals at the Dead Sea, and how the sands can have healing effect on the body as much as the skin, then perhaps it can be true. Anyway, I met a few friends a week ago and they told me that they are planning a much awaited reunion. One of the guys spoke about holding it at the beach, and some games were enumerated. One of the games mentioned was Beauty in the Sand Race. And this is why I remembered the articles I read about Cleopatra. So how do you do this Beauty in the Sand Race? It's actually the same as all races, except that the body and face, limbs and all should be covered in wet sand before attempting to walk towards the pointer and back towards the line of the group. If the sands are shaken off, and some parts of the body losses the sands, then that particular participant must fill the bare part with sand, and only then can he or she move forward towards the pointer.. I think it's rather too tasking, but the rest thought it would be fun, and more pleasant than covering the face, body, limbs and all with black ash.. hehehe 

Well, maybe it will be fun..

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