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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watch Out for Raffles

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Would you like to win a samsung lcd television? Well, look out for on-going raffles for the Christmas season. I am sure a Samsung LCD television will be one of the many prizes. Why? Well, I heard from someone who works there that three companies have contacted them for discounts as three different raffles shall take place within the city, and most prizes are Samsung products.

hehehehe.. Am I now a spy or what, lol.. Seriously, that first hand information was simply given without even anything in return.  It came out of nowhere even. Let's just say that I always talk when in public transport, and I make friends so easily.. Now, if in case the person was just playing with me, it's not my problem at all as I am not into joining raffles because I never win in any of them. But then again, suppose it were true, then why not try and join so that you can win. Joining contests and raffles doesn't guarantee any winning.. But if you complain of not winning, ask yourself first if you have joined, hahaha..
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