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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Local Jobs?

President Noy promised more jobs here in the Philippines. Unfortunately for some local jobs, the pay is not even close as to those jobs that could actually buy a family a new car in a month's time.My father was also trying to convince me that working for the government is fun and security wise, most sought after.  Well, as for me, I have given the government a chance. And yes, the government has allowed me to accept the application challenge, only to find out that even if I ranked first, still, the ranking is not enough..

Yes, local jobs are important, and some of them just doesn't pay much. What will happen  to the  ones who are not able to go abroad due to financial constraints? When they have already used the opportunities, yet behave differently. But then again, what credential or document shall be shown? I have got to prepare them already..

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