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Monday, October 18, 2010

Extreme Face Off..

Who would ever thought that this beautiful face in 2008, will become totally changed in 2010? See the difference:
Well, EXTREME as you might say it, but it is indeed a fact. Well, this lady in both photos is suffering from a complication of the liver which requires dialysis that is quite expensive. And because funds are not enough, the page in Facebook, Save Geraldine J. Oliva, was created to help teh family find more means to survive..

Geraldine J. Oliva was once very beautiful. Because of a chronic kidney disease she acquired while on dialysis and a metabolic problem in her bones (causing them to deform), her life and the lives of those around her had tragically changed when she failed to receive regular dialysis for many reasons.

You can help Geraldine (Dane)'s cause by praying for her and her family's well being.

If you so wish to bequeath any amount to help her, you may contact savegeraldine@yahoo.com. You may also donate any amount that you should wish to offer at her open account at Banco De Oro, Balayan, Batangas Branch, Philippines.

Geraldine J. Oliva

Banco de Oro Swift Code:

Banco de Oro Dollar Account:
5890 13114 2

Banco de Oro Peso Account:
5890 12991 1

Pray for her. Help her.  

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