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Friday, October 15, 2010

Extreme Measures

When I was a first time breast feeding mom to Lili,I didn't know that there are ways to increase breast milk. All I thought was that if I took more soups and other liquids, I would have lots of milk. But then, a cousin of mine who is a nurse, told me to take a vitamin that increases milk production, regardless of my liquid intake.Unfortunately, when I learned of that, I was already on my way to Cebu as Convergys then hired me already, so I had to leave Lili and drink bottled milk instead of my breast milk..

Anyway, as much as there is a way to increase milk production, I found no way to decrease or stop it altogether. I had to go through a painful transition of wasted breast milk as Lili was miles away from me during work.. Extreme measures call for pumping milk out.. and the pain is just too unbearable..

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