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Saturday, June 30, 2012

In Preparation For Another Storm

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Storm Dindo has finally left the Philippines, but another storm is coming yet. This is just the 6th storm to hit the country, and some casualties have lost some properties while others have damaged properties due to the heavy rains. A family friend of ours have just bought a new Honda Accord, unfortunately, the said vehicle have been hit. Although he and his family live in Utah, their parents still live in the old community where they live. Yes, there are so many Accords for Sale in Provo this season, it is but difficult for them to buy another one and send it here. Besides that, their priority is to buy a new place for their parents, whose house was damaged. 

I could really relate to their family's needs right now as we have also experienced the same thing, while we dealt with the aftermath of Sendong since December of last year. My family have relocated to a new home, but the old one still needs to be fixed. The two vehicles we have are still at the mechanic's shop while the one my father is using now needs immediate attention. We could not decide to buy a new vehicle for we need to make sure that the budget is okay. Whew!

In preparation for another storm, people have learned to lay down priorities and spend money on wise buys. Perhaps the new Honda Accord, although it is on sale, is not at all important as of now. Another family friend of ours have decided to fix their house and built a third story for them to be safe whenever a storm would once again harm the family. 

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Admin said...

And even if your friend's family is able to ship a new car, I don't think it's the right time to do it while the weather is still in a bad shape.

I just hope all these natural threats would slow down and spare us all (especially the helpless) ones our safety.

grace said...

Go Mommy DArl... it's time to buy a new ride!

sir rob said...

The daily needs and necessities are probably the first thing to accomplish and the car could wait, I guess.

venus smileygal said...

If you have money to spare its okay to invest on vehicles coz it has its own advantages in a way. However, its wise also to invest first on things that is handy when storm arrives. :)