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Friday, June 15, 2012

Hot Carz Reloaded (The 2nd Cagayan de Oro International Motor Show)

This is the second time that Hot Carz showcased the many different cool cars of Cagayan de Oro City. On its second year, the participants are more than how many participated last year, and they are mostly from out of town, according to the organizer, Mr. Elmer Francisco. That just shows how successful this car show is, considering that it is just in its second.
Imagine buying St George used cars, and transforming them into rare and unique beauties. There are actually many categories for participants to join. And even those who do not own prettified cars can join, under another category. Like for example, this one below can join under special category..

For rules and criteria to follow, refer below:

Sound Quality Basic Info:

  • Experienced: only 2 way systems are allowed to join. No shop owners, judges or people related to the above are allowed to join. 
  • Advanced: same as Experienced but why join advanced since the registration fee is more expensive. 
  • Master: open category. Anyone can join With regards to classes, EMMA judges will guide the competitors to which class they should belong. 

ESQL Basic Info: Trunk: All subwoofer should only be allowed to be installed at the trunk and can not go over the rear seat...not including headrest. Except in Wall category.

  • Advance bed: All subwoofer should be installed after the B-pillar and can not go over the front seats...not including headrest. 
  • Advance wall: All subwoofer should be installed after the B-pillar but can over the head rest 
  • Master:  Most will join the advanced category as Master, is similar but more expensive registration.

Also the woofers are counted like this: 10" subwoofer = 1 woofer 12" subwoofer = 2 woofers 15" subwoofer = 3 woofers 18" subwoofer = 4 woofers 

Of course, this endeavor is for a good cause. I think that is the reason why it has gained much popularity compared to last year's... Congratulations to the organizers and to the participants, as this is yet on-going, good luck..

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kidsturf said...

I missed this event! My hubby and son loved hot cars...

anne said...

Wow how I wish I could see those cars as well, I haven't been in a car show and I am sure if I would I will have so much fun.
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Mel Cole said...

wow, that is so cool! i love visiting car shows.

Bless said...

That is good that proceeds of this showcase also go to a good cause.

Jerla Oh lalala said...

So interesting... My husband would love to see this event, he's a car fanatic.