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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Doctor's and Social Medicine

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Facebook started as a site for students, until it has now reached its current state. However popular, doctors and physicians are not able to make full use of its potential in the field of medicine because of the many prohibition. Good thing there is now Social medicine which is about to become the next big thing after social media. If doctors can't take advantage of social apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, there is now a new app from the creators of Epocrates, and it is becoming the social medicine platform for physicians and healthcare workers, which they call, "Doximity". 

This free app has features that one can find in social networks, such as Facebook but with added layers of security and verification. With this new platform, members can find and connect with their colleagues, as well as communicate with them in ways that are all HIPAA-compliant. Physicians on Doximity get perks too, like getting a free fax number. That way, they no longer need cover sheets or toner ink to deal with. Best of all, Doximity's database of physician profiles are available like doctor CV’s, showing the doctor’s publications, clinical trials, board certifications, and all others. Here’s an example of George Chase, MD’s Doximity profile. 

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