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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Laptop or Airplane ?

Heard of any laptop deals lately? A lot of my friends are telling me that there are lots of  laptops on sale online. Some are even given away as prizes. And they are not just any prizes or deals, they're the ones that anyone would die to have..

Hmm.. I am also looking for the best deal, but it is not yet my concern these days.I am actually saving up for some adventure trip with my little Lili. Somewhere where she can freely express herself without any hindrances. Somewhere where she is free to explore. Well, for my darling angel, it doesn't really matter where, for as long as she can ride the plane, lol.. She told me she couldn't remember the time she was on board a ship, so after the plane, she would like to take a boat ride with me again.. Hmm.. I have this funny feeling that my daughter is going to be an adventurer someday--- hehehe..

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