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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vacations and Passports

My parents, along with my Aunts, Irma, Nancy, Vicky and Doris, will be spending a week-long vacation in Singapore starting December 9, 2010. Their tickets are now ready, both for Manila and for Singapore. Although there is some hitch with my mom's name as the Last Name was mistakenly written so it needs to be corrected at the main office in Manila, I am sure everything will turn out fine. The last time we were excited to travel was when we heard of really affordable Disney vacation packages. Unfortunately, there was a hitch with my brother's name so he had a hard time getting a passport as it was misspelled in his birth certificates.We also want to go but my mother said we should just go as a family when my brother's passport is in proper order. He is, after all, working on it again. And this time perhaps, his girlfriend will be traveling with us too. River and Lili are very much excited. Well, who wouldn't? They are kids after all..

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