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Saturday, June 26, 2010

When Fathers Are Kind..

Here is a touching video commercial of Rebisco Biscuits. I am not endorsing the said brand here. I am emphasizing something which all fathers should call in mind. When I saw this for the first time, I thought of my daughter and my father. My father has always been kind, to me, to all my siblings, to my mom and best of all, to Lili. Here is a reflection that what parents give positively to their kids will eventually pay off positively. May not be their children directly, but their children's children.. 

Don't you ever wonder why some parents are abandoned by their children in old age? Often, it is what the parents have done to their children that is reflective of how children treat their parents. I  have always believed in karma. Everything that an irresponsible parent will do to his or her child will eventually payoff.. And even if it won't be the children who will directly give back the same "treatment" to the parent who has wronged his or her child, it will be someone else or some really bad circumstance that is of the same weight as the action.. 

When fathers are kind, life will be kinder for him in old age.. just like that in the video.. 

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