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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Damang: How to Keep Spiders in Shape

If you look at the video below, you may say that Spider fighting is a very simple sport that children play. But as I mentioned in my previous post, it is no longer a game that children play. It has become a big boys' game where a big amount of money is expected after a game or battle.

I was able to chit chat with two players, both at the ages between 26-34 and I found out that Spider fighting is really a big deal for them as it entails a huge sum of money. I also found out that men from nearby villages come in their vehicles and fight with the spiders of the men from my village. So, to keep their spiders in perfect shape, the two guys I spoke with told me of a secret.

I found out that they also have their spiders take supplements to make them strong and ready for a fight. I couldn't believe that Ensure would ensure that the spiders would be alert and active. Just a few drops to keep a spider energy filled and happy, lol.. 

Another is providing the said spiders enough room for relaxation.

Both houses above look comfortable for a spider. And in order that the spider will not get injured when they are being let out of their room, a special stick was made to help them out without hurting  the spider's body. 

Hmm.. Prior to this information gathering, the two were talking about their scheduled fight tomorrow.

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