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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome Home Lady bug..

So finally, the lady bug is home! My brother actually brought him back home last Saturday, but I was too busy to notice. I only learned about it today when Sweet mentioned that my brother is looking for the cheapest chrome trim for his friend's monster truck. 

So, as I went home tonight, I rushed to see dear Lady Bug in the garage.. And as if I missed an old friend terribly, I went and gave her a quick brush on her forehead.. Sorry guys, at home, we treat everything as if they are alive. And mind you, they seem to work miracles in that assumption too. Did I mention that the Old Winner saved my father's life when he had mild stroke while he was driving him, and according to my dad, it was the Old Winner that took him to Polymedic Hospital, for he was at that moment,  unable to move his hands and legs.. And thank God, my father was saved.. That is why, no matter how old he is, the Old Winner will never be sold nor be given away.. He sits in my garage so he is under my care now.. 

Call me crazy, but I often whisper to old Winner's ear to keep unwanted persons away while we sleep at night.. Well, I think he keeps watch while he sits in the garage..

What I have learned from my father is that, cars may be lifeless. They are things. They may be used for transportation only, but like old Winner, things may develop some connection with its owner. That is why in some instances, things are able to do the saving part or rescuing its owner from danger or keeping them away from harm.. I suppose you could say that it's still power of the mind.. 

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