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Friday, April 13, 2012

No Wonder He Saved It!

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I just read about North Face Clothing and how good they are. Reading the article reminds me of how much my brother wanted us to save his North Face Jacket and Pants that he uses whenever he rides his motorcycle. It is after all, very comfortable for the user. And because it does not come cheap, naturally, after TS Sendong washed everything inside our house in Balulang, my brother asked us to save his North Face garments.  On the contrary, we threw away everything else that requires too much energy to wash. It wasn't easy washing muddied clothing after the typhoon. We saved what we found valuable and some really expensive jeans... 

Anyway, they looked okay after the wash, had them soak in disenfectant solution and washed them again, and again before they were ever used again.

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