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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

St. Augustine Feast Day is Coming At Last!

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The city is rather in its festive mood since last week. There were many activities and events that had kept the city yearning for the coming festivities.. I am sure the fluvial parade will be grander this year. I am also certain that the pageant night will be much talked about.. Well, why not? I think the city has already prepared for the coming celebration since last year, so it might as well be successful.. Oh I am sure it will be! I wonder if the Hats Parade will be held this year too. Last year, it simply took center stage and participants from all over joined with enthusiasm. If it will be held this year, I wonder if I'd see people wearing bell helmets.. Or some other unique hats---

Well, hats or not hats, I am just so happy that the St. Augustine Feast Day is Coming At Last!
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