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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Facing Fears and the People Around Me..

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 I remember the time when we had our reunion and we went on a travel adventure east and west of the city..
From water rafting in the morning to zip-lining in the afternoon..
 My cousins and aunts were so cool about said adventures... All of us had fun in the end..
But my folks were fearful when I almost didn't make it.. Huh! Perhaps they thought that ekg machines will be brought to Dahilayan for me, lol.. But then, after a short notice, I came through, and although I was scared at first, I made it! I had fun at the thought that I conquered my fear through the longest zipline in Mindanao and Asia..

Like I always say, every time I am reminded of this, I almost quit the 840m zipline flight.. but in the end, I conquered it! Anyhow, I would rather choose a more advanced river rafting trip than do zip lining again---

Why? The people who are waiting for me to come through are more scared than I, and my dad may have a heart attack while waiting, lol.. 

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