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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 55K Trail Ultra Marathon: The Cagayan de Oro-Dahilayan Run

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All photos here are from Margie Auyong Velasquez's album at FB..

When I saw this photo at Margie's album, I thought the run happened within Dahilayan Bukidnon.. 
But when I saw the above photo, I was shocked.. OMG! That's Cagayan de Oro City Hall.. So I went further to look at her photos, and then I learned that it was actually a Cagayan de Oro-Dahilayan Run that started at 3 in the morning last Saturday, July 16, 2011.. and finished for almost ten hours, as what one participant commented in one of the photos.. I do not think I'll ever be able to finish that... so Kudos to all the participants and organizers alike.. 
Even if there is Lechon Baka at the finish line, I still may not be able to taste it for maybe, before I could reach halfway of the trail, I'd already have fainted, lol.. 
But for those who made it, I am sure it is not only a very good happy feeling, but generally an experience that is worth celebrating, just like what these tribal folks are doing..  
Dahilayan is a very nice place to finish a very long race.. Why? The place is cool, and relaxing.. So even if the participants were so tired, I am sure they had their share of heaven when they reached the finish line..

Again Congratulations to everyone who participated in this race..

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