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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Strong Men

Men who engage in sports and pseudo-sports activities have a tendency to be branded as strong. Well, they are, if their health is truly of best status. One even jokingly told me that with sporty men, women need not buy a male enhancement product to make him grow strong in the department where it is deem necessary. Well, could be true, could be false. All I know is that, sporty men are playing their sport to sweat out tensions and to combat stress. Although that friend of mine who talked about the male enhancements, surely take on his stresses and tensions in another department, lol..

Anyway, what are strong men really? For me, a man is strong if he allows himself  to be  seen in his feminine side without the fear of rejection or scrutiny. Not gay, just being positively inclined with the yin and the yang and how they make the world a better place with men understanding women and their moods. I am sure if you have men a man like this, you will understand what I am trying to say.. 

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