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Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Little Volleyball Player

Subscribe to CDO EXTREME by Email Last Saturday, we were supposed to go to Malaybalay as early as five in the morning, but because Lili had a scheduled game at seven in the morning, we opted to go to Malaybalay after. This photo is just one of the many that we took while killing the time as we waited for the game to start..
Unfortunately, there was no game and only a few students came. So we went home to prepare for our Malaybalay trip. It was when we reached home that we learned that the game had been cancelled. It was too late to say that we missed a lot in Malaybalay as we arrived after lunch already. Anyway, I was thinking of this new hobby of my daughter and I am glad that we can now save on orange county drums at musicians friend as her hobby shifted. Check Related Links:

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