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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tools for Modern Men

Subscribe to CDO EXTREME by Email Whether camping in the wilderness or laying out a sleeping bag in a dorm room, modern men (and women) need some basic tools, including a good, sharp knife. Multitools by Leatherman and Gerber are always popular, but dedicated knives are an absolute necessity. Kershaw® knives fill this niche nicely. A good utility knife can cut through wood, rope or fabric when outdoors, or a loaf of bread when in the common kitchen. When purchasing a knife, be aware of how the knife is used, and bear in mind the level of maintenance required. Any amateur chef knows that knives are not created equal. Just like the kitchen, choosing a general utility knife requires some sense of how the tool can be used. When up against wood or hard materials, be sure to invest in a hardened blade that will resist dulling. When slicing delicate materials, a sharper serrated edge avoids damaging the object. Your Kerhsaw craftsman knife has a particular use that it was designed for, and purchasing the appropriate model ensures it has a long and useful life. 

Kershaw useful knives only stay useful with appropriate maintenance. Knives can be sharpened against wet stones or metal sharpeners, or even leather straighteners, but the key is to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Be aware that serrated blades especially require careful sharpening to keep their edge. Whatever you do, don't continue to use the blade without maintenance. As the knife gets duller, sharpening it back to a fine edge becomes more difficult. Your utility general knife stays with you for many decades if treated right.
A utility knife is a great necessity for any person who likes to live simply. Whether camping or moving into your first apartment, a good knife is like a best friend. When shopping for knives, always ensure that the model matches the anticipated use, and take note of how and when to maintain the blade.

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