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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Villards Cup 2012

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I have heard so much about the Villar Foundation and its advocacy to fight poverty, but I have not heard about Villar Foundation’s tournament for a cause until today, as I went through the website of Villar Foundation, at www.villarfoundation.org.  Among the advocacy of the Villar Foundation, which is actually a worthwhile cause as it lends support to amateur players, is the development of grassroots sports throughout the country. For twenty years of service, many different sports programs have been implemented to support this thrust of the Villar Foundation, including Sports sa Barangay, and football clinics. Hmm.. I wonder if they can also have a sports clinic here in our city... 
Villards Cup

The Villards Cup had been staged in different key cities of the Philippines and has featured the best Filipino cue artists, or billiard players in what they are usually called, and has paved the way in discovering future billiard players. Who knows another Efren "Bata" Reyes will rise up from among the contestants of this Villards Cup. And I guess there had been many already who have been discovered as this has actually started in 2008..Cool!

Villards Cup

The Villar Foundation, led by its Chairman and Managing Director Senator Manny Villar and Former Las Pinas Representative Cynthia Villar, in cooperation with Star Mall, Puyat Sports and Billiards Managers and Players Association of the Philippines, have staged the 2012 series of Villards Cup billiards tournament last September 23 and 24, 2012 at the newly opened Star Mall in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

Sixteen amateur players from all over the province of Bulacan have qualified for the competition and  below are the complete list of winners of the recently concluded Villards Cup 2012: 

1st: Edgie Geronimo (Marilao)

2nd: Eduardo Lim (Meycauayan)

3rd/4th: Resty Labastida (Bocaue) / Roberto Bilicario (Sta. Maria)

5th/6th: Kennet Matheu Garcia (Marilao) / Marlon Glinogo (Bulacan)

7th/8th: Jonas Paolo Ramos (Baliwag) / William Trinidad (Angat)

Villards Cup

Of course, when we talk about billiards, Philippine Billiards legends like Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes, Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante, Ronnie ‘The Volcano’ Alcano and Dennis ‘Robocop’ Orcollo will always come to mind, and yes, they have attended the said event. I am sure the winners will one day equal, if not surpass the successes of the said legends.. But then, the said tournament is not just for the contestants, but for the fans as well. On the first day of the billiards tournament, Philippine Billiards legends played an exhibition game among themselves, but on the second day, they played with this year’s Villards Cup winners Edgie Geronimo of Marilao, the champion, and of course, Eduardo Lim of Meycauayan, the 2nd placer. I wonder how it would feel like watching legends and winners play. I bet it would feel the same way as I have felt seeing the PBA legends as they played with the locals of Barangay Puerto, remember my post about the Court of Inspiration? Anyway, according to Senator Villar, "Billiards now matches the popularity of basketball among Filipinos, especially the youth. Support for this sport should be encouraged and enhanced," as he led the ceremonial 'break' of the billiards tournament.

Villards Cup

I agree with Senator Villar, but I just wanna point out that those who should take billiards seriously, should also get serious with their studies. As I know, there are many students out there who cut classes just to play billiards. Perhaps, if the time for practice and the determination to succeed in it shall be equal to the energy students put in in their studies, then life will even be better for the next billiard champions.

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Vic Marion Madriaga said...

It is best to sustain our competencies with Billiards and the sports. CDO has a lot of potentials.

venus smileygal said...

Nice! I also would like to learn billiards... :D

Mommy Rubz said...

Honestly, I learned about billiards because of Efren.

JenJacqs said...

Wow, I just hope they will continue on doing this for many potential billiard players. Now I missed playing billiards. I didn't played for a decade now that I forgot how to play already hehe..

SweeTeachRN said...

I love Efren Bata Reyes..