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Monday, May 14, 2012

No More Motocross?

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It seems that there had been a lot of fun runs overflowing in the city. Perhaps it is hyped and well, has become the trend these days. I wonder why there isn't any motocross competitions anymore. Has motocross lost its appeal to the masses? Anyway, I have a friend in college who prepares months before every motocross competition. From choosing the right gear, to preparing his motorcycle. I bet his helmet is even more expensive as it has to be comfortable at the same time, provide good protection from head injuries. Much like the KBC VR4R that I often read about. 

I know the stunts are highly nerve rocking, and even more scary when professionals do some somersaults in mid-air, on their motorcycles. I kinda wish to see that, as I have only seen stunts like that on television. I know other cities around the country still do motocross, and it appeals so much to add to their city's tourist must-see events and activities. Also, even foreigners join in the fun, as professionals join the motocross events. 

Maybe no organizer in the city is bold enough to organize a motocross event simply because it's extremely dangerous... Well, we can always see that some place else... 

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