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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moving Forward

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It had been a crazy week. First, there was the controversial appearance and concerts of Lady Gaga in MOA. Then the said walk out of CJ Corona, after he was presented and made his speech at the senate hearing, then of course, the American Idol results where Jessica Sanchez lost the title to Philip Philips. And finally, ending the week with CJ Corona, after being reported to have been at the ICU for what was supposed to be a diabetes related emergency leading to a probable heart attack ---dubbed as the "walk out of the season" days ago, was back at the stand during today's continuation of the senate's hearing on CJ Corona's Impeachment. I could imagine plastic stanchions and chains around my country, as if it was a small showcase and display at a mall.

While other people call it publicity--- being in the news and all, I call it, a pitch for a promising future. Yeah, yeah, call me crazy. But see, after hearing CJ Corona's defense and his answers to questions, all I could think of is how good he is at answering every question. Well, he wouldn't be Chief Justice if he is not brilliant as he is.  But if you ask me if I believe every word he said, all I can say is that until he is proven guilty under the courts of law, only then shall I consider him to be guilty. Jessica Sanchez may not have won, but until Philip Philips album will surpass that of Jessica's in the future, then I shall not give up believing in her greatness as an artist. Of course, I was happy that the Coronas and The Basas had their family reconciliation during recess at the senate today, and no mention of China's claim of the shoal in the news.. I think the nation need to move forward... 

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